Repair & Maintenance

We're here to help with emergency repairs — 24 hours a day!

Sometimes things just break. But, that doesn't mean you have to suffer in the extreme Central Florida temperatures or frustrating customer service. AACR is here to assist you with all your climate control systems. Day or night. Every day of the year.

Orlando Professional Air Conditioning Services
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We are uniquely qualified to perform repairs to all brands of AC and Heating equipment:

  • Affordable A/C RepairSuperior Tools, Parts and Equipment - AC and Heating equipment repairs are better when top-quality tools, parts and equipment are used. Our techs travel in vans that are loaded with all of these critical components, and we also have access to a vast local inventory because we are a factory-authorized dealer. When repairs are made using first-rate parts, tools and equipment, the results are better and last longer.
  • Experienced and Skilled HVAC Techs - Our technicians receive ongoing training, and they also undergo extensive training at manufacturers' factories.
  • Fast, Responsive Repairs - At AACR, we know how frustrating it is to wait for repairs to be made. It's one of the many reasons that we offer 24/7 emergency service. We don't want you to have to endure a broken air conditioner or heater for a minute longer than necessary.

EXCLUSIVE Portable Air Units

When the need to get relief from the heat is extreme, AACR will get you fixed up with our exclusive Portable Air Units, the perfect temporary solution until we are able to repair or replace your existing AC unit. We know it can be uncomfortable in the humidity and heat, so call us for prompt attention to your dilemma. Contact us today at 407-392-9343 to receive a free estimate!


Is your AC unit the right size for your space? If it's too small, it will run constantly and inefficiently. Too big, and you run the risk of excessive power consumption, and even mold-causing condensation! And, if your cooling system is getting a little old, there are often ways to tune it up to get it running better for you.

Affordable A/C Repair Professionals, Inc. offers Central Florida's most affordable annual maintenance program, Club Membership program: Regularly-scheduled AC tune-ups will save you money versus emergency repairs! Our Club Membership program Saves You Money –

To find out about our Club Membership program
Call 407-392-9343 and join by phone.

Owning a home or business means dealing with occasional unexpected repairs. With routine maintenance, your AC equipment will require fewer repairs and will operate more efficiently and reliably. AACR offers air conditioning repair and heating repair and maintenance services that keep you equipment up and running.

Our Club Membership program brings peace of mind knowing your system will be operating at peak performance and includes:

  • Two (2) Precision Tune-up maintenance visits during the year
  • One (1) pound of Freon at no charge
  • Half-price diagnostic/service call fee
  • 20% Discounted pricing on our upfront pricing menu